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(June 9, 37 - 68 AD) - Rome




NeroSon of Domitius Ahenobarbus and Agrippina, as a boy he and his mother Agrippina were exiled by the emperor Caligula, but were allowed to return after Caligula'a death in 41. Agrippina married the emperor Claudius.

He was then adopted by his stepfather Claudius, and succeeded him in 54. he is said to have murdered Claudius' son, Britannicus, his own mother, his wives Octavia and Poppaea, amd many others.

He was a poet and connoisseur of art, and performed publicly as an actor and singer. After the great fire of Rome in 64, he persecuted the Christians, wo where falsely accused of causing it.

Military revolt followed in 68. The Senate condemned Nero to death, whereupon he commited suicide.


NeroHe was known to be a lover of young boys. Nero married two men in succession, both in public ceremonies with the ritual appropriate to legal marriage.

He had the beautiful youth Sporus, one of his slave-boys, castrated, then went through a public wedding ceremony with the boy making him his "wife". Sporus was escorted through the streets, receiving the homage due to an empress.

Later, reversing roles, but this time, of course, dispensing with castration, Nero made Doryphorus marry him, making the young man his "husband".


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