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James Nesbitt
(1857 - November 14, 1879) - Australia

James Nesbitt



James Nesbitt (alias Lyon) was 16 when first convicted for theft. He was in and out of jail, and it was during one of his "stays" he met Andrew George Scott. He waited in Melbourne for Scott to be released, and teamed up with him from then on. He idolised Scott (captain Moonlite - see) and was shot dead at age 22 at Wantabadgery siege, while attempting to act as a decoy so Moonlite to get away safely.

Awaiting his death by hanging, Scott (who wore a ring made of Nesbit's hair) wrote letters to friends in which he expressed his love for Nesbit: "We were one in heart and soul, he died in my arms and I long to join him where there shall be no more parting."; Scott wished to share the same grave as Nesbit, with an inscription declaring their love on their joint tombstone.


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