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Theodor Stephan Baron of Neuhoff
(August 25, 1694 – December 11, 1756) - Germany

Theodor Neuhoff



Theodor von Neuhoff was born in Cologne as the son of a Westphalian nobleman. Educated at the court of France, he served first in the French Army and then in that of Sweden.

Later he was an agent of Cardinal Alberoni, minister of the Spanish king. In 1736 he met some Corsicans who wanted to become independent from the Republic of Genoa, and proclaimed him king of Corsica with the name of Théodore I.

Defeated by Genoan army, then also by France, he went into exile to London, where he died. After 1749 he lived in poverty in England and was once released from debtors' prison through the influence of Horace Walpole.


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