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John Nicolson
(1963 - living) U.K.

John Nicolson



Nicolson grew up in Glasgow in a Presbyterian family. His mother, Marion Nicolson, was a civil servant. He has a brother Torquil who is six years younger. John went to a boys preparatory school in Glasgow. His father died of lung cancer when John was 16.

His first job was as a speech writer in Glasgow. He went to Harvard, and then he went to work in Washington. About his exuality he said:

"I knew I was gay from about the age of 11, although I didn't have relationships until I went to university - and it was very difficult having it as a secret all those years. I didn't have any good role models - only camp teachers at school and people like Larry Grayson on the Generation Game. I wasn't subjected to homophobic bullying because I wasn't obviously gay at school, but that meant I was a kind of spy in the enemy camp, hearing all the intolerant stuff even pretty nice people came out with."

In 1987 he joined the BBC. He presented Open to Question for the BBC in Glasgow. The programmes that he later worked on include Newsnight and Panorama. In 1998 he became the presenter of the daily BBC1 television programme Breakfast News.

Nicholson describes an interview with a journalist from The Sun and the subsequent article in the newspaper saying that he lived with his girlfriend.

"It reminds me of the story of Simon Napier Bell - the pop impresario - who once, apparently, threatened to sue when wrongly described as straight saying it would ruin his professional standing. I have to say we're not quite at that stage at the BBC News yet..."

He lives with his partner, Luis, in an 18th century house in Spitalfields, East London.


Source: The Knitting Circle, U.K. - http://www.sbu.ac.uk/stafflag/people.html

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