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Nicomedes IV Philopator
(91 - 74 BC) Turkey

Nicomedes IV

King of Bithynia


Philopator, king of Bithynia, was the son and successor of Nicomedes III Euergetes. His brother Socrates, assisted by Mithradates, drove him out, but he was reinstated by the Romans (90). He was again expelled by Mithradates, who defeated him on the river Amneus (or Amnias) in Paphlagonia. This led to the first Mithradatic War, as the result of which Nicomedes was again restored.

When Julius Caesar was around 20 years old, was sent to Bithynia and became the young lover of the King of Bithynia, Nicomedes IV. In 84 BC, Nicomedes IV bequeathed Bithynia to to Rome, a legacy which subsequently brought about the third Mithradatic War.

Bithynia was also the land where Antinous was born.


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