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Friedrich Nietzsche
(1844 - 1900) Germany

Friedrich Nietzsche



Friedrich NietzscheHe was born in Roecken, a village in Saxony. His father had studied theology and was a Protestant clegyman. After his father's death, Nietzsche received a scholarship to attend the famous school of Schulpforta near Naumburg. There he met his first friends and discovered that he might have homoerotic desires. He fell in love with one of the students and wrote several poems about his relationship.

In 1864 Nietsche finished secondary school and enrolled in philosophy and classical philology at the university in Bonn. He also became a member of the Franconia fraternity, where he had several homoerotic experiences with other students. In 1865 he decided to study at the university in Liepzig. There he found another friend, Erwin Rodhe, tho whom he confessed his love. In 1869 he became a professor of Greek and Latin philology in Basel.

Friedrich NietzscheDisastrous was his reverence for Richard Wagner, because the composer hated homosexual men and did not hesitate to spread rumors about Nietzsche's homosexuality. This put an end to their friendship. In 1879 he retired from the university receiving a small pension, In the following years he spent his life together with his Jewish friend Paul Ree in Switzerland and in Italy.

In 1888 Nietsche fell ill and his insanity became more and more obvious. His homophobic sister Elisabeth cared for him in order to share his glory and his fame and tried to censor his writings and his books by destroying compromising parts. Physicians found out that Nietsche had contracted siphylis and that he was at the final stage. After many years of deep insanity, Nietzsche died in Weimar.


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