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Nikolai Mikhailovich
(April 26, 1859 - January 24, 1919) Russia

Nikolai Mikhailovich

Grand Duke


(Also spelled Mihailovich), he was the grandson of Czar Nicholas I, the eldest son of Grand Duke Michael Nicolaievich of Russia and a first cousin of Alexander III, and was born in Tsarskoe Selo. A scholar and an eminent historian, he made many valuable contributions to the study of Russian history in the reign of Tsar Alexander I.

He fell from favour during the last part of the reign of Nicholas II, as Empress Alexandra disliked him for his liberal views. As the political situation in Russia worsened, he urged the Tsar to implement reforms, and he even participated in discussions of a palace coup.

At the revolution, he was executed in Petropavlovsk (St Peter and Paul) Fortress, in St. Petersburg, by a Bolshevik firing squad.

The Russian Prosecutor General's office, in 1999, officially rehabilitated four members of the royal Romanov family who were declared enemies of the state and executed 80 years before.

The posthumous rehabilitation was extended to Grand Prince Pavel Alexandrovich - a son of Czar Alexander II - and grand princes Nikolai Mikhailovich, Georgy Mikhailovich and Dmitry Konstantinovich, nephews of Alexander II.

A document on the rehabilitation was handed over to Leonida Georgiyevna, the widow of Grand Prince Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov.


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