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Dolores Noll
(1935 - living) U.S.A.

Dolores Noll



Dolores Noll is an Emerita Professor of English at Kent State University.

She was liberated from her sociological fears of coming out by her significant other activist girlfriend at the time, Adrienne Parks, who enlightened and liberated the 1970's University of Maryland's English Department of its owns inhibitions.

Dolores organized the Kent State University gay group and served as its faculty advisor for fourteen years. She also taught for credit one of the country's first lesbian courses, Gay Womanhood, in the Kent State Honors and Experimental College in l972 and l973 (and continued to teach a gay lifestyle course under another title until 1980).

She has served as Vice-President of the Ohio Gay Rights Coalition, and as Vice-President, President, and Acting Executive Director of the Lesbian-Gay Community Service Center of Cleveland.

Currently she is active in the Liberation United Church of Christ in Cleveland, one of the four mainline congregations serving primarily the LGBT community. She is enrolled in the Master of Divinity program at the Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio (concerning which she describes herself as a "missionary to the Methodists").


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