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Ann Northrop
(1948 - living) U.S.A.

Ann Northrop

Activist, journalist, TV producer


Ann Northrop was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Northrop's father was a pilot for United Airlines, and the family moved frequently, thus she spent most of her youth in the areas surrounding Hartford, Washington, D.C., Boston, Denver and Chicago. She graduated from Vassar College in 1970.

She came out in 1976, when she was twenty-eight, which was when she first got involved with her lover, Linda, a high school English teacher, for 21 years. Linda had two sons who lived with them, whom Ann helped raise.

Until 1987, Ann's resume reads like that of a journalist on her way to the top: ABC Sports, Ms. magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Good Morning America, and CBS Morning News. The impressive list of national media ended in 1987 because it was in that year that the silver-haired, Vassar-educated Boston debutante abandoned her career.

Ann Northrop jumped ship and became an educator on AIDS and homosexuality. Along the way, she also joined the ranks of the new wave of direct-action AIDS and gay rights activists. Today, Ann is an outspoken member of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) and has been arrested twice while participating in public protests, including the much publicized and controversial disruption of Sunday services at New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1989.

She's also an active member of Queer Nation, the highly visible and very vocal rights group that has spread to cities across the country. At forty-two, two decades older than the average Queer Nationalist, Ann is an energetic late bloomer who is determined to make up for lost time.


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