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Zazu Nova
(194... - ?) U.S.A.

Zazu Nova



Zazu hustled in lower Manhatten in the late 1960s, sometimes in female drag. She advertised herself as the "Queen of Sex".

She was from upstate New York, and a staunch Unitarian. She had a violent temper and had been in prison more than once. It was rumored that she had done time for murder. She often carried a large chain in her purse for self-defense.

She was in the frontline at the Stonewall riots in 1969 alongside Marsha Johnson.

Diana Davies, the pioneering photographer and archivist, misidentified the subject of this photo as Marsha P. Johnson, and it therefore has been cited for decades as an image of the legendary Ms. Johnson.

Zazu Nova
Zazu Nova, Gay Liberation Front meeting, c. June 1970. Photo by Diana Davies

During interviews with gay liberation veterans for his "The Gay Liberation Youth Movement in New York: An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail", however, Stephan Cohen correctly identified the subject as Zazu Nova, a founding member of New York's Gay Youth, the revolutionary group that gave voice to LGBT individuals between the ages of sixteen and twenty before they were allowed in other gay lib organizations.

Perry Brass, co-editor of "Come Out" magazine, later recalled "one Gay Liberation Front dance when [Nova] jumped in like a torpedo, and once on the dance floor unhooked [her] bra and threw it into the middle of the crowd. 'Now that's women's liberation!' one of my friends said."

Marsha P. Johnson and Zazu Nova are among the many pioneering trans women of color that helped found the modern gay liberation movement.


Source: http://lgbt-history-archive.tumblr.com/ - https://zagria.blogspot.it/

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