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Paul O'Boyle
(1970 - living) Ireland

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Born in Dublin, he was the third of eight children in a Roman Catholic family which had very little money. In his teens he became a hired thug and drank heavily. However, he found that being gay was not helpfull to his hard-man image.

At the age of 23 he left for London and first worked behind a bar at a pub in Putney. He found it easier being gay in London, and at the age of 25 he came out to his mother, and she was alright about it.

He was sacked from the pub in Putney when he was caught stealing from the till to finance his drinking. He then got a job managing a pub in Camden. However, after the landlord discovered that he was gay he was subjected to a hate campaign and had to leave the job which meant that he also lost the flat that went with it, all on Boxing Day.

After going on a drinking binge he contacted Alcoholics Anonymous and turned his life around. As well as taking up acting he got a job working at a piercing studio in Queensway.

He and his boyfriend bought a terraced house in Thornton Heath, south London. After they split up Paul O'Boyle continued to live there with his pet dog, cat, and snake...


Source: The Knitting Circle, UK - http://www.sbu.ac.uk/stafflag/people.html

Film acting:

  • Mad Cows (1999)
  • Snatch (2000)
  • Yoorinal (2000)
  • Quicksand (2001)
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