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Robert T. Odeman
(November 30, 1904 - January 14, 1985) Germany

Robert T. Odeman

Actor, musician and cabaret owner


Born Martin Hoyer at Hamburg, he took Robert T. Odeman as his stage name when he began a professional career as an actor and musician. In 1922, when he was 17-year-old, Robert got to know his first great love, the architecture student Martin Ulrich Eppendorf, called Muli (in the above picture Muli is at the left and Robert at the right).

For ten years, until the death of Muli, they shared a close relationship. At the beginning of the Third Reich, Robert Odemann worked as musical director at the Neues Theater in Hamburg.

He was imprisoned by the Nazis in 1937, one of 50,000 gay men imprisoned under Paragraph 175 of the German criminal code which outlawed homosexuality (his boyfriend had been pressured to denounce him to the Gestapo).

In 1942 he was re-arrested under paragraph 175 and deported to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where he was assigned an office job; on a forced "death march" from the camp towards the Baltic in April 1945, he escaped with two other gay men; after World War II, he returned to Berlin, where he worked as a writer and composer.


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