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Robert Olivo - "Ondine"
(June 16, 1937 - April 28, 1989) USA

Robert Olivo



Robert Olivo, was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is better known by his stage name Ondine. He first met Warhol at an orgy held around 1961 or '62, and was dismayed by Warhol's failure to join in. He proceeded to kick Warhol out, not knowing who he was or understanding that the future titan of Pop Art essentially was a voyeur.

He was christened with his stage name upon coming out of the water at the beach (an "undine" is a water spirit). Warhol began making "underground" movies in 1963, and Ondine began appearing in Warhol's oeuvre in 1964.

Ondine appeared in his last film for Warhol in 1968, The Loves of Ondine , a fictional chronicle of the gay Ondine attempting to go "straight." He was supposed to appear in Warhol's Loneseome Cowboys , but never showed up at the Arizona locale where the film was shot. Subsequently, he was banned from "The Factory" (Warhol's loft-living/working space) due to his bad temper, though the two remained friends.

Ondine also appeared in films made by his lover, Roger Jacoby, Dream Sphinx Opera , L'Amico Fried's Glamorous Friends and Kunst Life.

In later years, Ondine supported himself by showing Warhol films and delivering a lecture on his days as a Warhol "superstar" on the college circuit.

He died of liver disease in Queens, New York, at the age of 52. He is portrayed in the film I Shot Andy Warhol by Michael Imperioli.


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