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Axel Otto Olson
(? - ?) Canada

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Axel Otto Olson, a gay man, appeared at one of the McRuer Commission's private sessions in 1956 to protest the decision of the Royal Commission on Criminal Sexual Psychopaths to consider homosexual offenders as "dangerous sexual offenders" under the law; in which he argued that “certain police officers” carried out blackmail efforts and that the government was investigating and blackmailing men, and being falsely charged with having sex with boys and spending several weeks in jail as a result. As part of his testimony he said:

"I believe as far as the state and the police are concerned, sexual relationships betwen persons of the same sex - or a different sex; it doesn't matter - in private, if the person is over sixteen years old, should not be considered an offence as far as the state is concerned."

When Axel Otto Olson, a gay man, gave testimony about his experiences of blackmail and police harassment - he was consistently interrupted and reference to his testimony was left out of the commission’s report.

The commission did not agree with Olson's testimony and the chairman cut Olson off; the McRuer Commission's recommendations were adopted as law by Canadian parliament in 1961.


Source: Kinsman, G. The Regulation of Desire, p. 129

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