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Seamus L. O'Neal
(1949 - Semptember 11, 2008) U.S.A.

Seamus O'Neal

September 11 victim


New York resident Tom Miller lost his partner Seamus O'Neal in the World Trade Center attack.

"I did not have the luxury of grieving without having to defend myself and prove who I am and who we were," Miller said. "If down the road anyone can be spared that torture, that would be excellent."

Seamus joined the Army, became Captain and won medals for his work in hospital administration. Nevertheless, after converting to Mormonism, he and Janet Kaye, his wife, and their three children moved into a bed and breakfast by a big Maryland temple and ran it together. Eventually, though, he returned to college to study advanced computer science, moved to Manhattan and took a job with eSpeed, a division of Cantor Fitzgerald.

Along the way, he composed liturgical choral works that were played by the Mormon temple's orchestra. And he dropped Seam and became Seamus. "He said, `There might be other Jameses,' " said his brother, " `but there won't be other Seamuses.' He was something. A piece of art."

For Seamus O'Neal, the idea of having one career and one name was much too timid. He has worked in five widely different professions, using three different names. As James, he studied drama at the University of Oklahoma, and as Seam, he acted, danced and sang in Off Broadway shows. "It would be fair," said John O'Neal, his brother, "to call him a hippie."


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