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Nance O'Neil
(October 8, 1874 - February 7, 1965) U.S.A.

Nance O'Neil



Born in Oakland, Alameda County, California as Gertrude Lamson. Not to be mistaken with the actress Nancy O'Neil. When she decided to become an actress, her religious father, an auctioneer, denounced his daughter in church for going on the stage and asked the congregation to pray for her.

Early in her acting career, she drifted away from the United States under the management of McKee Rankin, who made her a star in Australia. She also received acclaim in London before returning to the United States and beginning her acting career anew.

In Hollywood, O'Neil began by working in silent movies. She successfully made the transition to 'talkies', appearing in movies such as Cimarron (the first western to win an Oscar for Best Picture).

In 1904, O'Neil met Lizzie Borden in Boston. In the early stages of the 20th century, it was still considered socially unacceptable for women to become actresses. O'Neil was a notorious spendthrift, always in financial trouble, and Borden came from a wealthy background.

The two had an intense relationship, despite Borden's notoriety at the time for her trial - and subsequent acquittal - for the brutal hatchet murders of her father and stepmother.

While it has never been definitively proven that the two were intimate - O'Neil was married at the time - the termination of the relationship some two years later in 1906 was a significant loss to Borden.

Nance O'Neil was a resident of the Actors' Fund home in Englewood, New Jersey and died there. She was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California.


Source: excerpts from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  • Those Who Toil (1916)
  • The Flames of Johannis (1916)
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