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(1854 - 1929) U.S.A.


Crow berdache and warrior<


Osh-Tisch (= Finds Them and Kills Them) was a leading badé (modern terminology: two-spirit) of the Crow Nation. Badés, males living as females, such as Osh-Tisch held such an esteemed place amongst the Crow that when an American agent jailed them and forced them to get masculine haircuts in the late 1890's, Chief Pretty Eagle ordered the agent off tribal lands.

An MtF transgendered person, a healer and a ritual artist, who for one day put off female garb and dressed as a man, participated in the Battle of Rosebud on the side of the white men against the Lakota and Cheyenne under Crazy Horse.

She may be the model for the legend of Owl Woman, who was supposed to alternate back and forth between gender roles. Osh-Tisch was repeatedly persecuted by various forces during her life, but the Crow protected her; but after she died, no one among the Crow took up openly transgendered roles, and the ceremonial role was lost.


Photo source: Feinberg, Leslie. Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to RuPaul. Beacon Press, 1996

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