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Páll Óskar
(March 16, 1970 - living) Iceland

Pall Oskar

Pop-music star


Also written Paul Oscar, he was born Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson in Reykjavík. The youngest of 7 children, the son of Hjálmtýr Hjálmtýsson and Margrét Matthíasdóttir, he was raised by his musical family.

In early childhood he started showing off some artistic skills, mainly drawing, writing fairytales and singing. He recorded his first album when he was seven-year-old. At the age 12, he got his first leading role in a professional theatre, in the musical version of a popular danish childrens novel by Ole Lund Kirkegaard, titled Rubber Tarzan.

Just two weeks after the last showing of Tarzan, Páll reached puberty, so goodbye angel-voice... for a while. Páll was silent for 5 years. His voice took some time to answer him back, and he lost the will to sing. But not the urge.

In the meantime, he turned his interests to movies, notably b-movies and super-sleazy films. At the age of 18, he actually started singing again to audition for the college choir of Hamrahlí, and right there he realized that he could actually sing, but there was a totally different voice now, and he sang bass in that choir for 2 years.

In 1990, he won a talent contest for his college, and later that year at the time of graduation, his professional carreer as an entertainer took off as he played Frank-n-Furter in his colleges' production of Richard O'Briens The Rocky Horror show. That proved to be a huge success, and it was at this time that Páll considered a serious career in recorded music, and started progressing slowly - but surely.

First he did some vocal work for others, while in the meantime working in a seedy nightclub in Reykjavík doing shameless dragshows, and was known to be the most provocative performer in Iceland. When the club was closed down, he became a D.J. on an independent radio station FM 90,9 and on those radio-shows, not only was he was famed for having the best produced radio shows ever heard on Icelandic radio, he was even more provocative.

Páll got tired of radio, and in the summer of 1993, he went to New York City to forget himself. There he met fellow Icelanders Jóhann Jóhannsson and Sigurjon Kjartansson, currently on a New York City tour with the heaviest rock band of all time, Ham. Páll became their groupie, and it was in New York City where the first plans were made for what was to become Páll's first solo album, Stu.

Páll started singing with The Millionaires in October '93, and with him as a singer the bands' popularity grew even more. This working relationship lasted through 2 years of hard work on the road, and produced one album in the summer of '94, Millión Mann.

He started working on his second solo effort, a massive ballad album simply titled Palli, his nickname. It was the first album produced, arranged, and sung by him, also to be released by his own recording company, Paul Oscar Productions, or P.O.P.! It became his most successful album to date, being the best selling Icelandic album of 1995.


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