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Chuck Panozzo
(September 20, 1947 - living) U.S.A.

Chuck Panozzo



Chuck's pursuit of music began when he was seven years old, in Roseland, where he was born, a section on the south side of Chicago; he took private guitar lessons and his brother began playing drums. Chuck PanozzoFrom age 12, he and his brother played bass and the drums together until John's death in 1996. From the time he was 14, he played a variety of electrics, and even some string bass. His dedication to the instrument has continued to propel one of the most successful bands in modern times to undisputable stellar status.

Chuck Panozzo helped found Styx's earliest incarnation, the Tradewinds, along with his fraternal twin John, and with Dennis DeYoung. Bass player with the rock band Styx, which had seven top-10 singles from 1977 to 1983, including Babe and Come Sail Away; he came out as an HIV+ gay man at Human Rights Campaign's annual Chicago dinner, July 28, 2001.

"I realized I was living a pathetic life, a life of quiet desperation... besides, your secrets come out when you die, anyway, so why not tell your story in your own words?" (USA Today, 07/26/2001)

In addition to his duties on the bass, he oversees the album artwork for each of Styx's albums. Known for his quiet, subdued demeanor onstage - Chuck seems more comfortable standing in the shadows, laying down the bedrock basslines that give Styx its power. He might be shy, but fans who have been lucky enough to meet Chuck face to face universally praise him for his warm heart and friendly personality.


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