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Sunil Pant
(? - living) Nepal

Sunil Pant

Gay activist


Founder and president of the Blue Diamond Society, a Kathmandu-based gay rights organization, which is considered the very first support and outreach service for gay men in Nepal.

"Being gay I knew about cruising spaces in Nepal. But I found there was nothing else there - no support for men who had sex with men, no groups, nothing. Instead there was a lot of violence against gay men, family pressure to get married and leading double lives. I thought the basic thing would be to talk about safer sex issues at least.

I asked my connections in New York to send some condoms and safer sex materials which they did. Then I started doing outreach in cruising areas. Slowly people felt comfortable coming and talking. After six months of doing this we decided to form a group."


Quote source: Roy, Sandio. 'A Diamond in the Himalayas: Gays Find a Voice in Nepal', Trikone Magazine, June 2003

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