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Parmenides of Elea
(515 BC - ?) Italy

Parmenides of Elea



Parmenides, son of Pyres, was born in the City State of Elea (Hyele, Elea, or Velia, a colony founded in Œnotria - the ancient name of Italy - by refugees from Phocia in 540-39 B.C.) in Southern Italy, about 515 BC, and died in the mid-fifth century.

Zeno of Elea was a student of Parmenides (those who attest this include Plato, who has been found to be generally reliable regarding people's birthdates, death dates, and associations). Zeno was probably born about 490 and died in the mid- to late fifth century.

Plato says that: "Parmenides, whose life was held peculiarly holy, loved his pupil Zeno. Parmenides and Zeno went to Athens at the great Panathenaean festival; the former was, at the time of his visit, about 65 years old, very white with age, but well-favored. Zeno was nearly 40 years of age, of a noblefigure and fair aspect; and in the days of his youth he was reported to have been the beloved of Parmenides."


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