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Geneviève Pastre
(1924 - living) France

Geneviève Pastre

Writer and publisher


Born in Germany, she earned the highest teaching qualification in France; for many years she taught classics in school and also directed a theatre company. She was married for eight years, but by the mid-1970s had begun to live and write as a lesbian, though at first not openly: she also became involved in the women's liberation movement.

In 1980 she published De l'amour lesbien (On lesbian love), a pioneering philosophical and antropological study. She then created the Association des Octaviennes, a society of women writers, many of whom were lesbian, which later became the publishing house Les Octaviennes. Her writing, publishing and activism have made her one of the best-known and most respected lesbian public figures in France. In 1995 she founded the "Parti des Mauves" a political party concurring for the presidential elections.


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