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Patroclus and Achilles
(Mythical figures) - Greece

Patroclus and Achilles



Patroclus (spelled also Patroklos), in Homer's Iliad was the son of Menoetius of Opunte in Locris, was appointed squire to Achilles. They soon became the best of friends, and later lovers. They moved to Thessalia, at Ftia, where Patroklos was was educated with Achilles. They became friends and lovers and Patroklos followed Achilles to Troy war.

Patroklos asked Achilles to borrow his armor, so that being seen in it he might strike fear into the hearts of the Trojans. Achilles consented, but warned Patroklos to come back as soon as he had driven the Trojans away from the ships.

In the heat of battle Patroklos did not heed his friend's advice, and pushed the enemy back to the very walls of Troy. Apollo, patron of the Trojans, had to step in and knock Patroklos back, and then Hector finished him off with a single blow.

Achilles, maddened with grief, avenged his death, killing Hector. The body of Patroklos was then buried and the event was marked by solemn funeral games.

Soon eafter it was Achille's turn to die, at the hands of Paris, Hector's brother. Thus the ashes of Achilles and Patroklos were mixed together in a golden urn, and the Greeks buried them in a common tomb and common cult started on the shores of the Hellespont.


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