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Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
(1804 - 1894) U.S.A.

Elizabeth Peabody

Educator and feminist


She was the sister-in-law of Hawthorne and Horace Mann. Like them, she was interested in social reform and education. Her Boston home was the scene of the famous conversational classes of Margaret Fuller (1839-44), and her bookshop was a favorite meeting place of the "Trascendental Club".

Teacher and educational reformer, abolitionist, opponent of European autocratic despotism, friend of political refugees, advocate of Native American rights and education, of woman's suffrage, and of world peace, Peabody worked unceasingly toward the improvement of society.

She opened the first kindergarten (1860) in the U.S., and her association with Alcott in his "Temple School" is described in Record of a School (1835). A Last Evening with Allston (1886) contains further reminiscences of her life, and reprints some of her essays from The Dial. She is said to be the prototype of Miss Birdseye in Jame's The Bostonians.


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