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Logan Pearsall-Smith
(October 18, 1865 - March 2, 1946) U.S.A.

Logan Pearsall



Logan was born in Millville, New Jersey, The son of the prominent Quakers Robert Pearsall Smith and Hannah Whitall Smith, Logan attended Haverford College and Balliol College, Oxford. His sister Alys was the first wife of Bertrand Russell, and his sister Mary married Bernard Berenson.

He was a gay essayist and critic, and a notable writer on historical semantics. He was largely discreet about his homosexuality in his work

He was known for his aphorisms and epigrams, but is now probably most remembered for his autobiography Unforgotten Years (1938).

Logan was much influenced by Walter Pater. His followers included Robert Gathorne-Hardy, Desmond MacCarthy, John Russell, R. C. Trevelyan, and Hugh Trevor-Roper. He was, in part, the basis for the character of Nick Greene / Sir Nicholas Greene in Virginia Woolf's Orlando.


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