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Pei Kai (Shuze)
(237 - 291) China

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Scholar, and official


P'ei K'ai (Shu-tsê), born in Wenxi in Hedong. To parise the male physical beauty, it was used the expression "man of jade", as in the following passage about Pei Kai:

Pei Kai possessed outstanding beauty and manners. Even after removing his official cap, with coarse clothing and undressed hair, he was always attractive. Contemporaries felt him to be a man of jade. One who saw him remarked "Looking at Pei Kai id like walking on top of a jade mountain with the light reflected back at you".


Source: Liu Yiqing, Shih-shuo hsin-yü, edited by Lui Sheng-chai, Taipei, 1985, p. 311

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