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Andrew Quah
(1986 - living) Australia

Andrew Quah



Andrew Quah is a fundamentalist Christian politician with the Family First party in Australia recently outed as a gay. He was dumped as its candidate for the western Sydney seat of Reid after photos of him parading his cock appeared on gay websites and were emailed around the country.

The Family First party's policy on gays is that "They should be burnt at the stake with the other witches". If Family First was the almighty power in Australia it would be reduced to the smoldering ashes of Iraq.

This closet gay youth admitted to looking at porn websites in the past two weeks, which made his position untenable given his party's strong commitment to protecting children by making porn harder to access on the internet.

Andrew's posts in Internet blogs were monomaniacal ravings, laden with misogyny, violent contempt for human rights and an attitude to politics that would make Iosef Stalin look like George Washington. Little wonder then he fell in with Fielding's Freaks. He clearly had all the qualifications to run as a religious candidate, a closet full of skeletons and head full of hate.

During primary school, Andrew appeared in several commercials and stageshows, and featured as one of the performers in the opening sequence of one of the most popular children's shows.

Andrew QuahAndrew, a bonsai grower, music teacher of Greystanes, a very quirky Liberal allied student politician active in the Sydney University SRC and a former candidate for President in 2004 who moved on to high office within Family First appears to have sent an email to lists comprising well over a hundred student political activists, which contained offensive text and photographs including of him exposing himself.

Quah had become the president of the Family First youth wing, Youth First, a member of its state executive and its endorsed candidate for Reid until his fall from grace after Party authorities were alerted to Quah's admission to the Sunday Herald Sun that he'd taken the first two photographs and "might have" taken the first third. He also fessed up to downloading internet porn, as any candidate would when fielding a call from a journalist.

Former Family First candidate for Reid, Andrew, has been dumped from his party after racey photos of the 21-year-old surfaced online. The not-so-family-friendly snaps appeared on a gay website, and show Andrew exposing himself. When quizzed about the photos on Saturday, Andrew was uncertain how it could be possible that he appeared in them.

Andrew Quah

"I might have been drunk off my face, or my political enemies might have drugged me," he speculated. "But that's not my penis," Andrew said of a photo showing him posing, genitals out, in front of a mirror. "Maybe somebody photoshopped it, and put another one on the photo. I can tell you, it's not me. I know these things. I can't remember ... All I know, I have been humiliated."

"I did, however, do something stupid and juvenile. Over two years ago I drunkenly shared, in confidence, photos of myself in what appears to be an inappropriate position, though I completely deny that the third composite image (the penis shot) is me or mine. These pictures were then posted in my name to a series of mailing lists with a highly offensive message. The incident took place long before my eventual application to join the Family First Party.

"I apologise to anybody who takes offence ... It was a mistake that I would not have committed had I been of right mind. But I hope that this does not reflect on the membership of the Family First Party - decent, hardworking and dedicated people. And I hope that my behaviour will not reflect badly on my colleagues and friends who share the desire to make Australia the best place in the world to raise a family."

Once made aware of the situation by the Sunday Herald Sun, Family First acted quickly and decisively in purging "the pervert" Andrew. He was summarily removed as an endorsed candidate, sacked from the party's executive and youth wing and summarily expelled as a party member.


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