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Ryan Quinn
(June 10, 1981 - living) U.S.A.

Ryan Quinn

Nordic skier


Ryan QuinnRyan was born in Palmer, Alaska, Son of Dick and Pattie Quinn, and now studying business administration at University of Utah. Since becoming a champion skier in high school in Alaska, Quinn has dreamed of making the U.S. Olympic team. During the winter olympics in Salt Lake City, he watched the skiing events up close, envisioning his own participation four years down the road.

He earned all-America status for five consecutive years at Junior Nationals, and raced in Sweden with Junior Olympic Team in 1999. Placed second at the Alaska State Championships in both '98 and '99. Led his team to three consecutive state championships from 1997-99.

Ryan is a member of the Alaska Junior National ski team from 1996-2000. 2000 Junior National Champion. He is U.S. Cross Country National Sprint Relay Team champion with teammate Zack Simons in 2000 and 2001


A junior on the Nordic skiing team at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Ryan came out to his teammates and coach in 2001.

"I just decided that I felt ready and that it was time. I spend so much time with my teammates, it didn't seem right to keep my life separated. So I went to my teammates at a party and one by one told them my situation. The next morning I got calls from all these people asking me if I was OK about telling them. It turned out to be a great experience. Now I can tell them about my boyfriends or whatever I want."

Quinn says the individual nature of his sport, combined with the international composition of the team, may have made his coming-out process easier. Half his team is from Norway, Italy, Slovakia, and Canada. These are countries that seems to be more accepting.


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