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Quintius & alii
(before 79 AD) Italy

Warren Cup

Pompeii gay men


When archaeologists excavated the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, they discovered a profusion of ancient graffiti, much of it erotic, scribbled on various walls throughout the cities. One such inscription records the relationship enjoyed by two men and reads simply: "Auctus fucked Quintius here".

And another: "On the 9th of November Quintus Postumius invited Aulus Attius to have anal intecourse with me" (written on the Column CXVII of the Great Palestra). Then we can read, "Nicopolis, you've been fucked by me and Proculus and Fructus from the household of Holconius", inscribed in house 17, 18). Then we can read, "Secundus is a cocksucker of rare ability."

We know nothing about either Auctus, Aulus, Quintus and Quintius, and all the others, except for the pleasure they shared two thousand years ago.

Most of the graffiti on the ruined walls of Pompeii are homosexual and bisexual; most of this graffiti are to the effect 'I want to fuck a boy' and sometimes even 'I love a boy.' The common graffito volo piidicarii is often mistranslated as 'I want to fuck someone' so as to humorously suggest urgent and undifferentiated horniness, but in fact it means 'I want to fuck a male.'

Ancient people had special verbs indicating gender object choice for intercourse: Greek pugizein and Latin pedico and Arabic lâta mean 'fuck a male' (while Greek binein and Latin futuo mean 'fuck a female'). Pedico is usually mistranslated as 'sodomize', but it was never used for anal intercourse with women: it is a specifically queer verb. The writers of this queer graffiti were active (penetrative) men.


Source: Rutledge, L. The New Gay Book of Lists. Alyson, 1996, p. 18 - et alii

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