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Katey Red
(? - living) U.S.A.

Katey Red



Born Kenyon Carter, Katey Red is one of the first openly homosexual, cross-dressing, rap and bounce-music artists to earn respect in this notoriously homophobic world. Katey Red first realized that he wasn't like his friends at age 5, when he put on his mother's fingernail polish.

At 13, he first had sex with a gir, and didn't get nothing out of it. He was always thinking about boys. So he had sex with a man when 15. Then, when he made 16, he had sex with a girl again to make sure he really didn't want it.

Lately, the Times ran a truly bizarre and confused profile of Katey. Writer Neil Strauss refused to accept his subject's preferred pronoun, "she," stubbornly calling Katey a "he" throughout the piece. Strauss never used the terms "transsexual," transgender," or even "cross-dresser". Instead, he referred to Katey as "openly homosexual" - as if that alone explained Red's desire to be a woman.

And he seemed so enchanted by Katey's novelty that he didn't seem to question the odd claims about homosexuality made by some of his interviewees - among them, that "homosexuals" would be drawn to Red in throngs simply because of her sexuality; and that Katey's lack of success outside of her hometown of New Orleans is attributable to D.J.s' fear that playing her records will make people think they were gay.


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