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Joakim Reinhard
(1858 - 1925) Denmark

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Reinhard studied at the University of Copenhagen. Some students took a dislike to his arrogant and affected manners and spread the rumor that he had attempted to seduce two of them. At the same time another student, Martin Kok, caused a scandal at a party in the Student Union by drunkenly groping a cross-dressing student under his skirt.

Under the weight of these rumors Reinhard, on his 19th birthday, fled to the US under an assumed name. He had no means of support in New York and a few months later, when the scandal had died down, he returned to Denmark. Privately Reinhard denied having attempted to seduce his fellow students, but his name was forever connected to the first publicised homosexual scandal in Denmark.

For a few years he lived discretely in the countryside as a private teacher and a journalist on provincial newspapers. Under a pseudonym, he published two novels that were well received. After his return to Copenhagen in 1883, he published several more novels and became a member of a coterie of young literay homosexuals around the talented author and journalist Herman Bang. He also became a flaming queen.

Unwisely, in 1889 Reinhard in a newspaper article attacked Georg Brandes, the dominant figure of modern literary criticism and cultural opposition in Denmark. A few days later a newspaer, owned and edited by Brande's brother, ridiculed Reinard as Martin Kok's "comrade in arms" (i.e. as a homosexual). Other newspapers hinted at Reinhard as a sexual pervert and in November 1889 he emigrated to the US.

In the 1890s Reinahard taught at Purdue University, later at a Catholic college in Arkansas. At his death he was working as a librarian in Brooklin, New York.

A large number of letters from Reinhard to Arthur Feddersen, an older and fatherly adviser, and to his contemporary, the author Karl Larsen, are preserved. They illustrate closely, on the level of the individual, the workings of the social process that made Reinhard a feminine homosexual.


Source: Aldrich R. & Wotherspoon G., Who's Who in Gay and Lesbian History, from Antiquity to WWII, Routledge, London, 2001

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