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Jorge Romero Mendoza
(20 July 1966 - 27 April 1995) Mexico

Jorge Romero Mendoza

Gay & AIDS activist


Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, already at the age of fourteen, Jorge was co-founder of the first gay organization of Guadalajara, GOHL (Grupo Orgullo Homosexual Liberacion) and since then, he was the driving force behind numerous actions.

Jorge was one of the participants in the first homosexual protest march held in Guadalajara on May 8, 1982, was one of the speakers at the meeting of the Plaza de las Umbrillas in June 1982. Within the GOHL, Jorge and Pedro Dedicated to combating the razzias towards gay bars and discos, as well as giving information about HIV / AIDS and Jorge receiving several death threats.

In 1994 Jorge and Pedro opened a disco bar with the name of "El Taller", a subsidiary of the club of Luis Gonzalez de Alba, due to problems of negotiation had to change its name to "Los Placeres".

Through the ILGA (International Gay and Lesbian Association), he provided better contacts between European and Latin American homogroups. In 1991 he was the main organizer of the ILGA conference in Mexico - the first in a Third World. This had a significant positive impact on both the government and the population of its country.

He was especially interested in bringing Mexican gay groups to ILGA . One of the promoters for the ILGA convention in Mexico, ex-partner and friend of Pedro Preciado, whom he met in 1981 at Revolution Park and with whom he maintained a passionate relationship for four years, which became a friendship and complicity that ended only with the death of Jorge. Even though the relationship had long since ended, Jorge and Pedro continued to live together, even Pedro refused to leave Jorge when he contracted HIV / AIDS.

Jorge died in Guadalajara (Mexico) on AIDS complications.

Amsterdam was great love for Jorges. He visited Holland's capital during the AIDS conference, and considered it his second home. According to his last wish was his ashes were spread over the Homomonument in Amsterdam.


Source: http://obituariolgbttti.org.mx/ - http://www.aidsmemorial.nl/

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