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Salâh ad Dîn Yûsuf ibn Ayyûb
(1137 - 1193) Kurdistan


Sultan of Egypt and Syria


SaladinSultan of Egypt from 1175, in succession to the Ataberg of Mosul on whose behalf he had conquered Egypt (1164-74).

SaladinA Kurd born at Takrit, he conquered Syria (1174-87), and by his recovery of Jerusalem from the Christians in 1187, precipitated the third Crusade.

Renowned for knightly courtesy, Saladin made peace with Richard I of England in 1192, and allegedly they became lovers for a time.

His homosexuality was brought out in several episodes of the Arabian Nights.

We don't know what Saladin looked like. Most sources say that he was small, with a short, neat beard and somewhat frail.

He was a excellent listener. His normally expressionless face would light-up when spoken to. This made the speaker feel comfortable and could speak very easily.


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