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Sanches de Almeida
(1580 - 1645) Portugal

burning at stake



Chaplain of the royal chapel of Santa Barbara, tried and burned to death by the Portuguese Inquisition, for sodomy.

The priest in the 1630s provided both food and lodgings for male sexual partners, and he also permitted the use of his premises for others to have sex together. This point was specifically made by a 17-year-old, Francisco Pacheco, who said that in the house of the chplain, together with a 21-year-old valet (moço da camara) the priest gave them a light lunch and then whispered in the ear of the older youth, who then took the younger boy to the bed of the priest.

There they both had an orgasm from frottage. In his confession Francisco explicitly said the priest was not present, but that his partner had told him that the priest "permitted youths who were his friends to use his house for such things". Other youths confirmed that they found refuge in the house where the priest helped them but also expected to fellate them. References to the priest's same-sex activities fell from ca. 1624 to the 1640s.

The house on the calçada de Sâo Crispim near the Colegio of the Irish fathers gave shelter to adolescents in the 15 to 20 uears age range, including runaways like Manuel Gomes of 1640. Sanches de Almeida in 1630, ehrn he was 50 years old, was often providing a bed for 15-year-old as he did for another, and repeatedly fellated them. They both gave the impression of a welcoming hosehold for young boys, and that he knew perfectly well that they were masturbating each other, although they did not know if he knew of "worse acts", meaning sodomy.

More iformation about the house was provided when a search party looked for a runaway slave cook with a "bad" reputation as a "fairy" (fanchono). They burst into the priest's house and found Almeida with one boy who seemed to be preparing supper, but inside another room with a locked door which they forced and went in with a candle, they found a blonde white youth with some light beard getting out of the bed in his shirt, and nother boy also not fully dressed whose clothes were on a sideboard, and they deduced that it was clear that they all in the house slept in a single bed.


Source: David Higgs, Queer Sites: Gay Urban Histories Since 1600 (1999) - page 120

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