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Gadi Sasson
(? - living) Israel

Gadi Sasson

Editor, photographer


Gadi was the editor of the formerly popular Gay publication, Hazman HaVarod (Pink Times). He succeeded to bring to experts, writers, artists, and other creative persons to create a publication masterpiece that elloquently communicates the needs and situation the Israeli Gay community.

Also, he used the publication to create a forum for Gay commerce where Israeli business catering to the GLBT community can advertise their goods and services to this market segment. Now, he is the editor of the new Gay publication Hazman HeHadash (New Times), one of Israel's gay and lesbian publications.

As an accomplished photographer, he tackles the subject of gay portrature head on. In each of his photos, he infuses a realism that transforms the ordinary gay man to that of high art.


Source: http://www.gayart.info/en.htm

Painting by Rafi Perez

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