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Jeff Stryker
(August 21, 1962 - living) U.S.A.

Jeff Stryker

Star of gay, straight and bi porno films


Born in Carmi, Illinois, Jeff is a 5' 9 1/2" (176,5 cm) tall male, 174 pounds (79 kg), chest: 43 1/2 inches (110,5 cm), waist: 30 inches (76 cm), hair: brown, eyes: hazel. He is all muscle and has worked out since he was 11 years old. He attended Military School at age 13 and later became the rebel that lead him to be the actor... Jeff Stryker. A little known fact, Jeff is the sole parent of a child he has raised himself.

 ALT=Jeff's movie career started when attending Real Estate courses, Jeff and a buddy "tried out" for a modeling ad in the paper. The pictures somehow wound up in the hands of film maker named John Travis. Even though the pictures were intended for modeling clothes, Travis saw the potential of this young man and arranged a telephone meeting. Negotiations were then made for the first scene.

Jeff was discovered in 1986 by John Travis a well know film director. He has starred in very few films but they have been the most well known and well sold films in his industries history.

Fashion shows for Thierry Muglar, photographed by the Best in the World, recently in Francis Nars Book, The Thierry Muglar Book, with personal appearances and shows all over the world, he still remains the ultimate performer in his area.

Jeff went from there to accomplish stardom in all catagories and then onto actting in major motion pictures with stars such as Debora Shelton, James Browlin as well as starring in his own film for Rosa Von Prunhaim titled Can I be your Bratworse Please.

In 1998 Jeff was the Cover Man for the "Adam Film Guide" yearly issue. As well as recently in the Nars Fashion book dressed as superman on page oppisite of Cindy Crawford. His body is that of a greek god, his face that of a handsome young man with dark penetrating eyes and soft full lips.

Jeff Stryker

In January 2004, Holland released an official postage stamp of him.


Stryker, dildoJeff Stryker's 10" Dildo

Description: Measures 10" long (24,5 cm) and 7.5" circumference (19 cm),
and balls move when squeezed.

Also this dong hangs down rather than standing straight and hard like some of the others. Includes a cloth travel bag.



"I drink, only beer. And I smoke a little pot - of course it's for my eyes so I never get [glaucoma] (laughs) - you don't want to take any chances now.

Moderation's the key.

But I don't like drugs.

I never do cocaine or speed or any of that crazy stuff.

Idon't need to blind myself from what I have done. I accept it and love it."


2007 declaration:

"... I have long since stopped smoking pot or doing anything except coffee and cigs. Now still the father of a 17 year old son and sole parent, legally both mother and father (now that's what I call Bi-sexual). My story is similar with the Marlon Brando Story except I succeeded where he failed, I had the birth mothers rights terminated and I only knew her for 3 days."


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