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Lilyan Tashman
(October 23, 1899 - March 21, 1934) U.S.A.

Lilyan Tashman



Lilyan was born in Brooklyn, New York (according to some authors, she was born in 1985). After toying with some stage work, Lilyan made her debut in films with Experience in 1921. She started out slowly because that was her only film of that year, as was Head Over Heels in 1922. This was at a time when some studios and their performers were turning in a film per week.

She had no other offers for 1923, but the hounding of the casting offices did some good. In 1924, Lilyan appeared in no less than six films. For a while she averaged about seven films a year. Not the best of circumstances, but at least it was a steady income. After years of toiling in the silent era, Lilyan was one of those succeeding in the sound era.

She also appeared in Riptide, and Murder by the Clock. Lilyan was known as the best dressed woman in Hollywood. She was also known to be a lesbian, in spite of her two marriages.

In 1934, Lilyan finished Frankie And Johnny and went into the hospital, in New York, to have some tumors removed. It was there Lilyan died at the age of 34. Her last film was released two years after she died.


Picture source: http://silent-movies.com/Ladies/PTashman.html

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