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(James) Bayard Taylor
(January 11, 1825 - December 19, 1878) U.S.A.

Bayard Taylor

Writer, diplomat


Born in Pennsylvania of a Quaker family, early showed a poetic gift and desire to escape from his too quiet surroundings. After the publication of his romantic verse, Ximena (1844), he went to England and the Continent, writing letters for the New-York Tribune and collecting material for Views A-foot (1846).

Bayard TaylorThe Tribune, delighted by his charming exoticism, made him manager of its literary section and sent him to California during the gold rush. After a year he returned to publish Eldorado (1850, 2 vols.), which augmented his popularity as an adventurous hero.

The following year he departed for travels in Egypt, Abyssinia, Turkey, India, and China, and joined the Pacific squadroon of Commodore Perry. Upon his return to New York (1853), he published in quick succession three books, and was in steady demand as a lyceum lecturer. He wrote prose and poems.

From 1863 to 1870 he wrote novels in which for the first time he considered the US. Taylor's last years were devoted to a translation of Goethe's Faust in original meters (1870-71, 2 vols.), which brought him a nonresident professorship of German at Cornell and the ministry to Germany. He died in Berlin, Germany.

Though Taylor was married twice and fathered one child, he poured his passion into his romantic friendship with a wide range of men. These included the friend of his youth, John B. Phillips, fellow writers George Henry Boker and Richard Henry Stoddard, the artist Jervis McEntee, his young admirer Charles Melancton Jones, and s German businessman and Taylor's trael companion, August Bufleb. He also felt attraction to working-class men.



  • Ximena (1844)
  • Views A-foot (1846)
  • Rhymes of Travel, Ballads and Poems (1849)
  • Eldorado (1850)
  • A Book of Romances, Lyrics, and Songs (1852)
  • A Journey to Central Africa (1854)
  • The Lands of the Saracen (1855)
  • A visit to India, China, and Japan, in the Year 1853 (1855)
  • Poems of the Orient (1855)
  • The Story of Kennett (1866)
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