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André Téchiné
(March 13, 1943 - living) France

André Téchiné



André Téchiné was born on 13 March 1943 at Valence-d'Agen, a small town in the Midi-Pyrénées region, department of Lot-et-Garonne. His family, of Spanish ancestry, owned a small business making agricultural equipment. He grew up in the south west French country side and in his adolescence acquired a passion for films. From 1952 to 1959 he went to a catholic boarding school in Montauban. He was allowed to leave the school only on Sunday afternoons when he would go to the cinema, although he often had to return before the screening ended.

From 1959 he attended a secular state school, which exposed him to a different culture, with marxist teachers, a cine club and a film magazine, La Plume et l'écran, to which he contributed.

At nineteen he moved to Paris in order to look for a career in filmaking. He failed the entrance examination at France most prominent film school, but started to write reviews for the prestigious Cahiers du cinéma where he worked for four years (1964-1967).

Téchiné made his debut as director with: Paulina s'en va (1969). He is noted for his elegant and emotionally charged films that often delve into the complexities of human condition and emotions. An intimist flavor pervades his work. One of the trademarks of his filmography is the lyrical examination of human relations in a sensitive but unsentimental way. He first came into prominence with his second film: Souvenirs d'en France (1974).

His specific talent lies in the seeming ease with which he draws out the human and psychological motives of his characters, perfectly interlocking them with the large and small events of their respective eras: the 19th century England of Les soeurs Brontë (The Bronte Sisters); the recourse to prostitution of a country boy unable to break into acting in Paris in J'embrasse pas; a last attempt at love in provincial France in Le lieu du crime; France during the Algerian war in Les roseaux sauvages (Wild Reeds).


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