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Tecla of Iconium
(16 - 106 AD) Turkey

Saint Tecla

Saint - Feast day - October 23rd


Also spelled Thecla, Thekla or Tekla. According to ancient Syrian and Greek manuscripts, Saint Tecla was born into a prosperous pagan family in the Lycaonian city of Iconium (present-day south central Turkey) in 16 AD, and was betrothed to a man named Thamyris.

She was converted by St Paul in 34 AD, consequently she broke her engagement with her fiancé, and became a monk, wearing male attire. In Christ there was no male or female; all were of equal status. Called "Equal to the Apostles", she was endowed with healing power.

She was denounced as a Christian to the authorities by her mother. She was tied to a stake to be burned, but the flames were put out by rains from Heaven before she was even touched by them. She was released by the embarrassed governor with orders to leave Iconium. She went to Antioch in Syria, and spent the rest of her life as an ascetic, removed from the world. She died and was buried in Syria.


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