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(ca. 525 - 460 BC) Greece


Athenian statesman and naval commander


Themistocles was largely responsible for the ostracizing of Aristides in 483 BC, and held almost supreme power in Athens for ten years, created its navy and strengthened its walls, and fought with distinction in the Battle of Salamis (480 BC), during Persian War. Banished by Spartans influence avout 470 BC, he fled to Asia, where Artaxerxes the Persian king, received him with faour, and he lived at Magnesia.

His known lover was Stesilaos of Keos.

Themistocles and Aristides "the Just", had previously competed over the love of a boy. As Plutarch recounts, "... they were rivals for the affection of the beautiful Stesilaos of Keos, and were passionate beyond all moderation."


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