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(myth) Greece




TheseusLegendary hero of Attica, supposed to have united the states of the area under a constitutional government at Athens. Ariadne, whom he later abandoned in Naxos, helped im find his way through the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur. He also fought the Amazons and was one of the Argonauts.

Theseus & Pirithous were friends and lovers. They swore oaths on their friendship, entering into a formal bond like heterosexual marriage. One of the oldest ways of taking this oath was to place their hands upon each other's testicles, the origin of the terms testify and testimony. Another method of swearing friendship, (blood brothers) was wrestling followed by pressing together two thumbs which have been cut with a knife.

They descended in the Ades to free Persephonee, kidnapped by Pluto, but were bound together to a rock, by the god of the underworld. Hercules attempted to free them but succeeded in freeing only Theseus, and left behind his buttocks attached to the rocks. Theseus was thus referred to as hypolispos, meaning "with hinder parts rubbed smooth."


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