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Martha Carey Thomas
(January 2, 1857 - December 2, 1935) U.S.A.

Martha Thomas



Pioneer, educator and feminist, born in Baltimore, Maryland. She attented her education at the local dame's school, but this ended, she was jealous of the opportunities her brothers got in education.

Martha then persuaded her father in 1872 to allow her to attend a newly opened school for girls in New York, after which she went to Cornell University. In 1877, she applied to John Hopkins University. She was reluctantly admitted, the first woman to enter a Hopkins graduate course.

She was however prohibited from attending lectures and after completing one year, she withdrew. While studying in Europe she heard of a proposed women's college at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, of which she in 1894 became president, serving until 1922. She hired Woodrow Wilson as a young professor, and is also credited as the founder of the Johns Hopkins Medical School, and for having facilitated the admission of women to it.


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