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(myth) Egypt


God of wisdom & learning


Thoth was the god of the moon, and therefore the god who measured time. Though some stories place him as a son of Ra, others say that Thoth created himself through the power of language, and following another myth, he was the product of a homosexual union between Seth and Horus.

He was the god of calculation, writing, learning, wisdom, laws and magic. He was the god who invented writing and the languages. In the realm of the gods he served the roles as the scribe, the interpreter, the advisor.

His origin are not known, but it is believed that it was in the Delta region. Hermopolis came to be his main cult centre. Thoth was normally represented as a human with the head of an ibis, or as an ibis, or else as a baboon with the head of a dog. His sacred animals were the baboon and the ibis, of which there have been found millions of tiny mummies in and around Hermopolis and Memphis.


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