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Anne & Elaine Vautour
(married couple) Canada

Elaine & Anne

Elaine (left) and Anne (right)


Anne Vautour, born in 1963, is a day-care teacher, professional organizer, daughter of a Presbyterian minister, and same-sex marriage activist. She changed her last name to Elaine's.

Elaine Vautour, born in 1958, is a counsellor at Seaton House. She was consecrated deacon at Metropolitan Community Church Of Toronto (MCCT) in 1999, and she is a part-time theology student at St Michael's College.

Elaine and her partner Anne Vantour, of the City of Toronto, in the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, met on August 15, 1998 on Strawberry Island at a church retreat that was facilitated by MCCT, and started living together as common-law spouses since June of 1999. Anne changed her last name to Vautour in 2000.

They were wedded in a holy union at MCCT in August 2000 (they legally changed their names at that time to take on a joint family name), and then did it all over again in a double marriage ceremony on January 14th, 2001, as part of a court challenge on behalf of MCCT for same-sex marriage rights.


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