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Dita Vendetta
(1977 - living) Canada

Dita Vendetta

Actress, singer, dancer and sex-trade worker


"In Native cultures, transsexuals become shamans," says Vendetta, who is part Cree and Ojibway. "We are special because we have the body of a man and the mind of a woman."

Vendetta has believed in being herself since adolescence. "My first year in high school I was supposedly a straight boy and then I came back after summer vacation [dressed as a girl] and said, 'Here I am!' The school wouldn't let me show my midriff, although the other girls could, and I wasn't allowed to use the ladies bathroom or the men's - that would just freak everybody out. I got to use the staff bathroom."

At 16, Vendetta came out to her mother on a dare. "It was right before my brother's birthday party and I said to her, 'Mom, I'm different.' She said, 'What, you're gay?' And I said, 'No, mom, I want to be a woman.' After my brother's party she went to get the van and motioned me to get in. I thought 'Uh-oh here it comes,' but she drove me to the mall in Winnipeg and bought me my first outfit of women's clothes."

The same self-confidence that led Vendetta to be out in high school has sustained her through her life in the trassexual community. She runs her own erotic website (at www.dita4u.com), and is ready to turn that confidence into success as a performer. "I sing, I dance, I act. I want to move into singing. I don't have a great voice, but neither does Britney Spears. I think you can really make a difference in the world working in entertainment."

Vendetta plays a space goddess who comes to earth to help save humanity in Noam Gonick's debut feature flick Hey, Happy!


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