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Reverend Herman Verbeek
(17 May 1936 - 1 February 2013) Nederland

Herman Verbeek

Priest and politician


Herman Alphons Verbeek was born in Groningen, Holland. Verbeek studied theology and became a catholic priest in 1963. He was chaplain at Joure from 06-09-1963 to 27-08-1965. Between 1968 and 1973 he was the adviser to the diocese of Groningen.

He was a priest in the diocese of Groningen, but since 1969 he had no more political function in the church. In 1999, he was openly in conflict with the Groningen bishop Wim Eijk about his views on sexuality, which he did not shy away from publicizing himself as a homosexual priest.

Herman VerbeekBetween 1974 and 1977 he was chairman of the provincial government of the Political Party Radicals in Groningen. In 1977 he became a national party president, who remained in charge until 1981. In 1984 he became a member of the European Parliament for the PPR, who collaborated in the Green Progressive Agreement. It was agreed that the PPR candidate would withdraw after half of the period, in favor of the candidate of the Dutch Communist Party Nel van Dijk. In 1986 Verbeek left the European Parliament.

In 1989 Verbeek became the party leader of the European Rainbow, a partnership of PPR, CPN and the PSP for the European elections. It was agreed that once again, the PPR candidate would withdraw after half a time, now in favor of the candidate of the PSP, John Hontelez. In 1991 Verbeek rejected this: he found that he had another task in agriculture for the organic farmer.

The party management of GroenLinks (in which PSP, PPR and CPN had now joined) wanted to conquer Verbeek. However, the party board refused to approve his dismission. Verbeek remained a member of the European Parliament, but operated independently of his party. In 1994 he declared his membership of GroenLinks and became the list head for the Greens at the 1994 European elections. The Greens did not reach the voting threshold.

Verbeek is the author of many spiritual and political books, such as Against the Spirit of Time, a Songbook for the Soul . On February 1, 2013 he died. Posthumously was publishedhis autobiography.


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