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Biff Warren
(? - ?) U.S.A.

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Hip hop manager and promoter


Biff Warren is part of the original Def Jam team who helped break seminal acts like Public Enemy and LL Cool J. He manages hip hop artists like EPMD's DJ Scratch, Special Ed and Blahzay Blahzay.

"If Lil' Kim said in a song that she wanted to see two brothers getting busy with each other, what would happen?" he asks. "I'll tell you. Brothers would lose their minds!"

He publishes B1G2, a magazine for gay black men, as well as Que Pasa, a title aimed at gay Latinos, as well as organising hip hop and soul events from this year's mammoth Black Lesbian And Gay Pride festival in Washington.

Biff claims America's jails have a role to play in hip hop's homophobia:

"A lot of rappers, and people who run with the rappers, have been in jail. If they ain't tough enough to make it behind those walls - and most brothers ain't tough enough - they're taking it up the butt to survive in that environment."

But whatever the cause, he says homophobia is an example of black people being their own worst enemies.


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