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Edward Perry "Ned" Warren
(January 8, 1860 - December 28, 1928) USA

Ned Warren

Art collector

John Marshall
(1862 - February 15, 1928) U.K.

John Marshall



Edward Perry Warren, known as Ned Warren, was an art collector and the author of works proposing an idealized view of homosexual relationships.

Warren was born in Waltham, Massachusetts, one of five children born into of a wealthy Boston, Massachusetts family. His father was Samuel Denis Warren, who founded the Cumberland Paper Mills in Maine.

a young NedAs a schoolboy he was taunted for being a sissy and a bookworm. It was his habit to get up at 5:00 a.m. so that he could study Greek before breakfast time. He kept a diary in which he detailed his schoolboy crushes, even writing poems about male classmates he particularly fancied. Ned made no attempt to keep his attraction to men a secret, much to the dismay of his distressed household.

He received his B.A. from Harvard College in 1883 and later studied at New College, Oxford, earning his M.S. in Classics. His academic interest was classical archeology. At Oxford, he met John Marshall, a younger man, whom he called "Puppy." Ned and John lived together at Lewes House in East Sussex, for a time with John's wife, Mary. Mary Marshall was Ned's cousin, and her primary reason to marry John was to avoid her fate as spinster.

On February 15, 1928, John retired for the evening, saying that he was not feeling well. Ned gave him a kiss and joined him in bed, but John died during the night.

Marshall's took his last breath while Ned sat at his bedside. Servants reported that Ned's final words to the dying man were, "Goodbye, Puppy." Warren died less than one year later. Mary, John and Ned were buried in the non-Catholic cemetery in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, a town known as a spa in Etruscan and Roman times; that was John and Ned's expressed desire, including having Mary near them.


Ned Warren is now best known as the former owner of the Warren Cup now in the British Museum, which he did not attempt to sell during his lifetime because of its explicit depiction of homoerotic scenes.

Warren cup


John Marshall was a classical art expert who worked as official agent for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York between 1906 and 1928. While living in Rome and maintaining a close connection with leading dealers and intermediaries throughout Europe, Marshall was responsible for having found many of the finest pieces that comprise one of the largest antiquities collections in the world.

At Oxford, when they met, John was studying to became an Anglican vicar, but later opted for archeology. The two formed a close and long-lasting relationship, though Marshall married in 1907, much to Warren's dismay. Beginning in 1888, Warren made England his primary home. He and Marshall lived together at Lewes House, a large residence in Lewes, East Sussex, where they became the center of a circle of like-minded men interested in art and antiquities who ate together in a dining room overlooked by Lucas Cranach's Adam and Eve, now in the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Ned, John and their dogs

They lived together from 1885 to 1928: 43 years. On his death, his private archive was bequeathed to the British School at Rome.


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