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The King of Wei
(Zhou period) China

Hui of Wei



King Hui of Wei originally called Marquis Hui of Wei, and after 344, King Hui of Liang was the third ruler of the state of Wei during the Warring States period, ruling from approximately 370 -319 BC.

He was credited for moving the capital from Anyi to Daliang (modern Kaifeng) which facilitated economical growth of his state; hence his state was also called Liang thereafter. He also conducted several dialogues with the renowned Confucianist Mencius.


The favorite and lover of the King of Wei made an elaborate demonstration of concern that he hoped would prove his devotion to the king -

The king of Wei and Lord Long Yang shared boat while fishing. Lord Yang began to cry, so the king asked why he wept.

"Because I caught a fish."

"But why does that make you cry?" the king asked.

Lord Long Yang replied, "When I caught the fish, at first I was extremely pleased. But aftrwards I caught a larger fish, so I wanted to throw back the first fish I had caught. Because of this evil act I will be expelled from your bed! There are innumerable beauties in the world. Upon hearing of my receiving your favor, surely they will lift up the hems of their robes so that they can hasten to you. I am also a previously caught fish! I will also be thrown back! How can I keep from crying?"

Because of this incident the king of Wei announced to the world, "Anyone who dares to speak of their beauties will be executed along with his entire family".


Source: Bret Hinsch, Passions of the Cut Sleeve, University of California Press, 1992

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